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Label Paper - print delivery labels with dispatch notes

MailOrderWorks has been designed with speed and efficiency firmly in mind. One of the important features of the software is the functionality to create and print professional quality packing / delivery notes which double as a sales receipt.

MailOrderLabels are specifically designed and manufactured for the MailOrderWorks document templates and ensure perfect alignment and compatibility with the software.

To further improve efficiency and reduce the time required to dispatch each order, we've produced a range of label products designed for the software. These sheets allow you to print a single page per order, which includes a self adhesive dispatch label with the customers address printed on it.

Simply print the A4 sheet, pack the products according to the packing list, peel off the label and affix it to the exterior of the package. The sheet can then be packed with the goods, providing the customer with a printed receipt and ensuring you never send a package to the wrong customer.

We can provide further customisation's for your documents including built in postage-paid graphics, please speak to us if you have any additional requirements.

...Now we can print the order and peel off the address label, it's so easy.
Danny (Valet Shop)

MailOrderLabels Pricing

Boxes Sheets Price  
1 1,000 £42.00  
3 3,000 £108.00  
6 6,000 £186.00 Price Reduced!
12 12,000 £357.00  

All prices include delivery to UK mainland. Prices exclude VAT.

To order label paper, please call us on 01206 804 404.

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Why use mail order integrated label paper?

Print to A4 Label Paper Label paper is all about saving time and minimising mistakes.

Rather than printing invoices and printing delivery labels separately, when using label paper you print a single sheet.

Each sheet of integrated label paper includes either one or two self adhesive labels embedded into the paper. Our document templates are designed to print the customers address on one
of the labels, allowing you to peel them off and affix to the package.

No need to write out the address by hand, or fold the invoice carefully for a documents enclosed wallet. We can even build in your postage paid graphic for the second label.

Our custom made integrated labels are designed specifically for MailOrderWorks document templates. MailOrderLabels are the perfect choice for your dispatch label needs.

By using MOW's built in invoice printing software and label printing feature, you'll minimise the risk of sending the wrong order to the wrong customer.


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