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Frequently Asked Questions

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  Why is the system charged per user per year? We charge on this basis because this reflects our on-going server running costs.

The more people connecting to the system at any one time, the more servers are required to keep things running quickly. Also, the more people using the system, the more orders are likely to be placed due to the size of the business, so the data storage requirements increase too. The more different people that use our software, the more support we need to provide too. The fee is charged yearly because our costs are on-going, we continue to run and support your software while you're subscribing to the service.

User accounts are like a connection slot - each one allows one live connection to the system at any one time, for more staff to login and use the software, you need to buy more accounts.

A company account comes with 1 user account connection, additional user connections can be added to your account at any time.

See: how it works

  Can I buy the system outright? We don't actually charge you for the software directly, that's covered within the yearly user fee. Because of the requirements of the system, its not possible to sell it as an off the shelf "buy once" type product. For a start, to share a busy system with several staff, you would need to run and manage your own server - which immediately makes it much more expensive than our yearly charge, plus the cost of purchasing the software.

In addition to this, you get access to free updates and on-going support if you need it. Another benefit you wouldn't get from buying outright.

  Is my business data safe on your servers? Yes, very. We manage the databases for a lot of businesses, ranging from MOW customers to busy online shops (some doing 200+ orders per day). We also manage the business data for a many other companies who rely on us for speed and stability.

In comparison to storing the data on your PC, its actually likely to be far safer on our servers. We run Linux based hardware and backup automatically - our servers are much, much less susceptible to viruses than your Windows PC's. Our database servers are also dedicated - all they do is run the databases, no games, internet surfing, downloading mp3's etc, isolating them from many of the most common threats to office computers.

See: how it works.

  Do you offer a monthly billing option? Yes, but only for companies purchasing at least 10 user accounts. Monthly billing is charged one month in advance and can be paid via BACS.

PayPal and Credit/Debit cards are not accepted for monthly billing.

  Can I install MailOrderWorks on my work PC, home PC and Laptop? Yes. You may install the MOW software on as many computers as you like, the only restriction is with the number of users (people using the software) and the number of concurrent connections (logins), which is limited to one per user account purchased.

If you have 2 computers, but only one person ever needs to use the system, you only need to purchase a single user account.

  Will MailOrderWorks run on an Apple Mac or other non-Windows PC? Unfortunately not. MailOrderWorks is designed for use on Microsoft Windows only (XP Service Pack 2 onward). You may be able to use MOW in an emulator, but this is untested and not supported by our team as it wasn't designed to be used in this way.

  Do you offer support and training? We provide support with MailOrderWorks. Each account is entitled to up to 15 minutes per month (no roll over) telephone support and email support. We reserve the right to apply charges for support when it's used excessively or when user training is recommended/required.

We can provide further training for your staff if required, either at our office or at your premises. We can provide a quote for training on request.

  Do you provide updates for the software? Yes, free updates are included at no extra charge. You will benefit from all of the new features added to the system based on customer requests, including your own.

  We run more than one company, does MOW support this? Yes. At the login screen, there is a drop down where you can select one of the company accounts that have been added to the computer. You can run multiple instances of MOW at the same time too, so you can be connected to all of your company systems.

You will need to purchase user accounts for each of the companies separately.

  We have a special requirement, can you modify the software for us? Yes, we developed MOW from the ground up, originally as a bespoke system. We can create a customised version just for you, or if your requirements are very different, we can build you a complete system from scratch. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we'll be pleased to give you an idea of the costs along with the best way to solve them (customisation, or fully bespoke).

  We need some special label paper, can you custom make it? Sorry, we only offer our stocked lines.

See: label paper.

  Can we have the invoice/dispatch note changed or a special one designed for us? Yes, we can design and/or build custom document templates for MOW. Some changes are free, while others (and bespoke templates) usually cost from just £60.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  Is the system available to non-UK companies? Yes, it is. The fees will be charged in GBP but if you pay via PayPal or using a credit card, the currency conversion is done for you through the payment provider.

MOW was designed for UK VAT (for VAT registered and non-VAT registered companies), however since tax rates can be entered on a per-order basis using the override facility it can be used for companies based in other countries.

The currency symbol can easily be changed from a £ sign to $, € etc.

The input box for addresses is based on a single, multi-line box so that any type of address may be entered easily. There are no problems with entering non-UK postal codes for example, and the address can be entered in any format.

  I have a great idea for an extra feature, are you interested? Yes, but only if you're happy to give up your ideas freely. Feel free to drop us a line, but please don't expect any payment or credit - if we use them, you will benefit from them when you use the software.

This doesn't apply to bespoke solutions and NDA's can be arranged on request.

  Do you offer bulk user discounts? Yes, for companies requiring more than 30 user accounts we can tailor the pricing to suit your business, taking into account order volumes and data storage requirements, which may result in a saving compared to the standard price per user.

  We are moving from another system, can you import our product and sales data? In some cases, yes. Please contact us to discuss, we'll be happy to advise whether or data from your old system can be moved over or modified to be compatible with MOW.

  I don't need MOW anymore, can I get an export of all of my sales data? Yes, this can be done using the Reports screen. Simply select the Order Data Export option, specify a date range and click Generate Report. You will be able to save a CSV file with all of your data, which can be opened using most popular spread sheet programs.

You may also wish to review the complete features list and look at the screen shots.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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